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What are Carbon Brushes?

A carbon brush is that part of an electric motor or generator (located in a rotating shaft) that serves as an electricity conductor between moving and static parts. Carbon brushes help ensure that commutators do not wear down as they are made long enough to ward against that. When they do become worn, they can easily and readily be replaced.

Why do We Need Them?

Carbon brushes are often found in high-powered tools and equipment that you use as a part of your daily life. Some of the high-powered tools that a carbon brush can be used in include routers, jig saws, mobility scooters, and saw grinders. Therefore, if you mow your lawn, enjoy doing DIY projects and need to use a jig saw, routers, or other similar tools, chances are you will need the use of our carbon brushes. 

A Wide Range of Options

We have carbon brushes of all types and sizes, for all kinds of devices. Many of them are compatible with popular makes such as Bosch, Makita, Dewalt, Hilta, and Black and Decker, to name just a few. 

Finding and Choosing the Right Carbon Brush for You

The carbon brush isle of our online story will present you with a host of carbon brushes to choose from at bargain prices. You can search through the options to find exactly what you are looking for by typing the features of the carbon brush you are looking for using the convenient search bar located at the top of your screen. You may also opt to search using popular categories, including carbon block only, copper wire only, spring only, copper wire and clip, and spring, wire and clip, among other choices. Simply click the most appropriate description available from the category list to find what you need.

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